Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walking on Tryon

This is a sketch of uptown Charlotte inspired very recently by a particularly great outing to Chima, a Brazilian Steakhouse in the heart of uptown. With a group of seven in place to celebrate a coming of age birthday, we braved the cold - yes cold - Charlotte December weather, and plenty of teenage enthusiasm for eating large quantities of meat.

After spending the equivalent monies on Guarana as we might have on a fine bottle of wine, tasting every meat offering, salmon, swordfish, filet mignon, all cuts of steak, ribs, pork, chicken, some wrapped in bacon, and an intense salad bar, and the tiramisu birthday cake finale, we took a rather quick walk (remember the cold) up Tryon taking in the activity.

So this is a memory of the energy, the happiness, and of being on the edge of having every door wide open, in full light, straight ahead.


  1. Very nice. Charlotte has changed since I spent time there in 1980. If you had a steak, it had gravy on it. (Which is fine, don't get me wrong.)