Saturday, August 22, 2009

Artist Statement

Since the early 1980s, photography has been my primary artistic medium. My early application of photojournalism techniques evolved to fine art photography over time and along the way, a great passion for the shot itself extended to passion for the technical aspects that occur in the darkroom. In the last few years, my creative evolution has followed a natural path into the digital darkroom and to actual digital creation.

My current work is about combining photorealistic elements with impressionistic or surreal settings via a digital paint palette. ‘Sky-scapes’ tend to be a pre-dominant influence for me right now. I spend a lot of time regarding the skies and drawing their patterns, their energy, and many of the colorful cadences that are found there. The simple swirls that are evident in both the Whimsy and Dreaming Series, provide a way to capture and convey the time, space, and emotion of a moment that is sometimes metaphorical – as in Dreaming Storm, as a young girl is an onlooker to a coming storm – depicting the turbulence and longing of youth on the pinnacle of adulthood.

I usually work on a few works concurrently, which is particularly helpful when I get lost on one and need some time to think about.

The two specific bodies of work that I am working on concurrently:
"Dreaming – The Beginning of It All"- is a work intended to portray the beginning of something; the beginning of all time, the beginning of a new stage of life, the beginning of a new job, etc. I began the Dreaming Series in 2008. The Series sets out to capture profound moments. As I began the series I sketched out the portfolio as I envisioned it conceptually – what did I want to convey? What moments in time? There are currently two completed paintings in this series, Storm, and Walk in the Woods.

"Whimsy - Parade" - is a work intended to show change over time and both the complexity and simplicity of relationships. The Whimsy Series was also started in late 2008. This Series applies emotion and interest to, from, or around an inanimate object. The first painting in this series was ‘Trees Take Flight’ a ‘whimsical’ take on aspiration, as trees decide to leave their roots and in a swirl of passion and excitement, become meteoric observers of the planets below them.

My works often try to convey hope and aspiration. I am a tremendous fan of positive change and have a sense that each moment is an opportunity or a jumping off point for something wonderful.

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  1. I like your comment about conveying hope. There is so much darkness all around, we all need to look for the positive. That is one of the things I am most grateful to you for, is teaching me there is always something wonderful out there to look for.