Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dreaming The Beginning Of It All

Dreaming the Beginning of It All is DONE! This has been a tough one to execute. I started and re-started this painting at least 7 times over the past three months. It has turned out to be far more abstract than I originally thought it would, so here's the outline from concept to why it gets to stay in the 'Dreaming' series.

When I first started it, I had a concept for it. The concept was driven by an original photo that I had taken in the Caribbean. The photo was taken from underwater shot up towards the sky.

My idea for the painting was to be able to view a stellar event, a natural fireworks show, like the Northern Lights, or a meteor shower imbued with every color of the rainbow, and have this stellar event wind it's way into the ocean waters, so you could see the drops of water themselves dancing with life and potential.

The paintings in 'Dreaming' capture profound moments from a particular perspective. Usually a person and nature. In this case, the water itself has perspective and the experience and emotion of the natural event fall within it.

Technically, this painting is different than the others in the series thus far. One example is that for most of the painting a much smaller un-textured brush was used. This gives a higher level of detail at a point level, which made sense as the colors are the light and the action.

This final version of The Beginning of It All, has a warmer tone to it. Using a concentration of earth tones across the top. In prior iterations, I tried a cooler more sea-like palette, but liked the feel of this one the best.

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  1. You're looking out during a ferocious thunderstorm, and all of a sudden you see patches of sunshine, yet it is still pouring. It is truly a unique and beautiful moment. That is exactly what looking at this painting feels like, unique and truly beautiful. Well done. I love it.