Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dreaming Parade

This is one called Parade from the Dreaming series. I started this work about a year ago, so I think it is my longest running ongoing work - and I'm still not sure it's done.

It began as a photo, which was turned into a sketch, which was then charcoal outlined, then watercolored. So a hybrid of photo and PS filters, to handpainting using the Wacom.

The idea is the parade of thoughts that goes through the mind of a teen. The ideas for thoughts came from 'eavesdropping' as kids were talking - so going on the theory that they have limited filters for their thoughts. As such I edited out a lot, preferring to focus on the funny and random, intermingled with the sometimes insecure, anxious, or angry.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Perfect Moment

A Sunday, started out cloudy and without promise, but turned to blue, bright and warm. Swimming in the pool, the water appropriately cooler than the air, and then stop, float, looking up toward the blue cloud-spotted sky. Now lean back, ears, eyes, fully covered by the cool water. Breathe slowly, slowly, then listen. The water sounds, and heartbeat. The warmth of the sun filtered by the water over eyes. Every thought drifted away, or merged into one. Hard to remember any boundaries. But found one perfect moment of calm, contentment, understanding, and bliss.

Then "cannonball"!

(dahlia painting, 2010)