Monday, June 22, 2009

Whimsy Series - Ocean and Trees Take Flight

Pictured are Whimsy - Ocean and Whimsy - Trees Take Flight; my latest paintings.

First, Whimsy - Ocean, this one was inspired by our first night on the sailboat in the BVI. The spectacular sunsets highlighting every shade of pink to red, purple to black, and fabulous blues. The clouds acting as showcase for the colors painted by the sun and sky. The depth on the horizon to the skytop varied in dramatic effect, creating a complexity and ordered randomness.

Whimsy - Trees Take Flight; this is the second take on this painting. The first one, was more muted, and multi-stroked included paint daubs. This version is brighter, showing the sky from twilight to night and capturing the escapism of the rooted trees into the starry night sky. The fantastical happens as the trees become their own 'worlds' incorporating bits of sky colors along with their own browns and greens.

Let me know what you think!

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