Monday, September 7, 2009

Dreaming Fade

I've been spending some time working on two paintings, Whimsy Parade and Dreaming Fade. Dreaming Fade is the effort that came together quickly. Meanwhile Parade is taking a different turn and may wind up being renamed. Stay tuned for that outcome!

Often times I begin with a concept for a painting, and then develop what the painting should look like to align to the concept. Fade is one of those. The concept is transition. As I've found myself knee-deep in a lot of transition and potential transition, the concept is personal, emotional, and relevant.

Beginning on June 1, 2009, as I was transitioned from the bank's platform, the butterfly wings fluttered and so began the cascade of all of the additional life events began to take form. From where I sit now, relocation is a strong possibility, as opportunities are arising in faraway places. So we face a substantial relocation, uprooting from our dearest friends, our 'extra' children, the paths we drive everyday and the places we know well, and further away from family. Away from our schools, parking garages - where the attendants wave daily, the nature preserve where Ling likes to walk, and the wonderful Thai restaurant where the owner knows our names and which specials we like to order.

All of that went into Fade. It is the fading of a moment, a day, the light, a time, an idea, friends, life, and the wistful longing for just a bit more of what was.

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  1. Okay....This is my favorite by far. I also love what you wrote. It is interesting to me how life does take its turns. Sometimes not all that great of turns, but with perseverance even those not great turns can lead to the most beautiful scenery. I have taken some not so great turns in my life, but where I am now has the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Whatever road you now take will do the same for you. You have a most stellar family. You will always find great friends, as you and Gene are the most amazing, I most often wish I had realized how great you were when I lived with you. But I know now, and I value every thing you taught me and every experience you shared with me.