Thursday, March 15, 2012


Fragments is an ongoing portfolio inspired by looking deeper into a scene or image, with different outcomes. In the case of 'equine', as I looked deeper into a pattern on a tile in a hotel I was staying in, I could see (with eyes squinted a bit) the abstract outline of a horse's head.

In 'lights over danube', a chilly nighttime walk along the danube in budapest served as inspiration. The lights danced and blurred across the wide danube looking from Pest to Buda. The river wall reflecting the dancing lights and the scene loses context when considered in fragment.

'green tea fragments' takes on the same effect, losing the context of the cracked and peeling worn restaurant sign into something more serene.

The latest of the Fragments collection is 'sunset weeds' inspired by a late sunset walk where the very low warm orange of the sun was reflected as in panes of glass in a stand of golden weeds.
Probably a lesson here, embedded in the fragments, about complexity, looking more closely and not being afraid to alter perspective.

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