Friday, July 1, 2016

Natural Alternatives (Tick repellant spray for dogs & people)

Environmentally conscious.

I am striving to consider more and more natural approaches to day to day life and ongoing health.

[rant] Our food supply is tainted by harsh and harmful chemicals; drug companies are motivated by money to develop chemical solutions to illnesses and conditions; and (we should know) that under-informed political watchdogs don't always make the best

I have started off with a couple of things that I will share here!

Tick repellent spray for dogs (and people)

1/3 cup of distilled water
1 tblsp witch hazel
1/2 tsp rose geranium oil*

Mix together in a glass spray bottle.

Apply to dog's shoulder blades, base of tail (and I usually apply a spritz to each paw).

This works really well. I have been using Frontline, but want to get away from using the harmful chemicals on my pups.

*Now the thing you need to know about this solution, is there are two kinds of rose geranium oil; for ticks, you need the one with the botanical name pelargonium capitatum x radens.

Links to items I used:

Glass spray bottles
Rose geranium oil

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